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We are Optimeister

We are skilled at what we do and have passion for our work. We are proud of our clients, who join us in navigating a digital world that is always in motion. In short, we are Optimeister.

The story behind Optimeister


The story behind Optimeister

“While studying Computer Science, I started doing business. I developed a passion for building websites and started helping companies do it.

Over the years, however, I've seen more and more of my customers struggle to find digital solutions to improve their business processes.

Standard software often does not match the unique workflows of companies, so they are forced to overhaul their processes. The development of custom software is usually time-consuming and expensive, causing many companies to drop out and return to their old way of working.

Inspired by the rise of no-code development, I saw an opportunity to offer more efficient digital solutions.

No-code tools offer the ability to create digital solutions that perfectly meet the unique needs of companies in a fraction of the time, without any code.

Based on this philosophy, I started Optimeister in early 2022, embracing these technologies and having now applied them to dozens of ambitious companies to meet their digital challenges.”

Fritz Wierper

Founder Optimeister


Our core values:
Optimeister's DNA

Optimeister's core values are the basis of our success. We promote these principles and strive to ensure them in every project we work on.


We are always approachable and helpful. With our open, casual communication style, we make complex topics simple and understandable.


We are good at what we do, driven by a passion for our work. We think beyond your question and don't take enough with less than the best solution.


Our processes are designed for efficiency. With a clear schedule, we strive for the fastest way to your goal, relieving you as much as possible.


We are honest about what is achievable and transparent about what you can expect. We are not yes-marbles and do not shy away from difficult questions.


We actively work with you to take your business to the next level. We are not a factory, but your partner in growth and development, always focused on the next step forward.

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