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CheapCargo, part of PostNL, is an online comparison platform for sending packages, pallets and documents. The platform works with more than 20 carriers to offer companies the best deal for each shipment. This allows companies to benefit from a safe and fast delivery of their shipments, at a competitive price.










What do you do as a company when you grow so fast that you can no longer keep track of the administration? CheapCargo faced that challenge when we sat down with them for the first time. Every year, CheapCargo processes hundreds of thousands of shipments from various carriers, for which they receive weekly invoices in the form of XML or CSV files. These files vary in structure depending on the carrier, and each invoiced shipment must be carefully checked. Previously, this happened with Excel, leading to thousands of hours of manual work, many errors, heavy dependence on individual employees, and slow Excel sheets, making full control almost impossible.


In close cooperation, we developed a no-code web application called CargoMatch. This application makes it possible to read invoices from different carriers and to match each invoice line with the corresponding shipment in the platform's database. At a glance, it is clear which shipments need to be taxed. Subsequently, the differences between purchase and sales prices can be analyzed at a detailed level. CargoMatch automatically generates the correct explanation, after which it can be sent directly from the tool to the customer.

Importing invoices from various carriers

Each carrier uses a unique XML or CSV format for their billing, which is a major challenge for uniform processing. We solved this with a parser specifically designed for each carrier. These parsers convert the various data structures into a standardized form. As a result, invoices from various carriers can be imported effortlessly and efficiently.

Connection to 2 databases

CargoMatch seamlessly integrates with two data sources via the Retool front-end. On the one hand, it connects with the new backend in Xano, where all invoices and billing lines are managed, and on the other hand, with the CheapCargo platform's data warehouse with all shipment data. This dual connection allows us to efficiently process data from both sources and make it accessible via one user-friendly interface.

Match billing rules with the correct shipment

After uploading invoices, the system checks each invoice line by linking it to the correct shipment via the reference number. It automatically identifies shipments where the purchase price is higher than the retail price. These shipments are immediately reported for aftertax.

Compare surcharges at a glance

As soon as a shipment needs extra attention, the tool offers the possibility to quickly view all details. This puts the costs and surcharges that have been purchased and sold side by side. This overview makes it easy for the administration to see which surcharges still need to be charged. In this way, the process of subsequent calculation is streamlined and any differences are quickly noticed.

Direct repayment with personalized explanation

CargoMatch not only automates the identification of shipments that need to be reloaded, but also automatically generates the necessary explanatory texts. These texts can be set up and adjusted by the administration itself with relevant variables such as dimensions, weight and reference number. Once defined, the aftertax with the personalized explanation can be sent directly to the customer by e-mail. This increases efficiency and ensures clear communication with the customer.


Working with Optimeister was a game changer for us at CheapCargo. It quickly became clear that their team not only understood our challenges, but also had the expertise to provide a customized solution. The efficiency and clarity in communication made the project smooth, and the impact of the solution on our operations is enormous. We're going to save so much time and money with this! Optimeister has not only listened, but also delivered.

Lucas Brans




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